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Our case managers check for missing reimbursements & fee overcharges everyday, so you can focus on growing your Amazon business.

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We recover more money than our competitors

Our experts, paired with our proprietary in-house software, maximize recovery in ways that other services or self-service processes can't. Clients typically see a 30-50% boost in their reimbursements when they sign up with us.

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We do all the work, but you stay in control

A dedicated case manager works on your account everyday, from our offices in LA or NY. Questions? We respond within one business day.

Want more control? You can customize your recovery settings for your preferences and needs.
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We're 100% Amazon Compliant & Secure

We're in Amazon's Marketplace Appstore and our bank-level security was reviewed & approved by Amazon through an independent audit. You're in safe hands.
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Pay nothing up front & receive transparent billing

You’ll receive a weekly invoice for 25% of what we recover with details on exactly how we got your money back. We only get paid when you get paid, and you can cancel at anytime.
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DimeTydSellers by the numbers

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How to Get started

Two Easy Steps To Recovery

1. Link your store for a free report

Within 24 hours, we analyze 18 months of history to compile a detailed breakdown of what you're owed.

2. Onboard your recovery expert

With a few clicks in Seller Central, your case manager will start reviewing your account everyday. You can leave the rest to us.

over 50+ reimbursement scenarios covered

Recovery optimized for every step in the FBA Lifecycle

Inbound Shipments to Amazon

Amazon often makes mistakes receiving your shipments at their loading docks. We'll make sure Amazon reimburses you when they don't accurately receive your inventory. Customize your settings so that your Case Manager audits your shipments exactly the way you want us to!

  • Missing Units
  • Overage Units
  • Document Management
  • Custom Rules

Mistakes in Amazon's Warehouses

Comprehensive analysis of Amazon's mistakes with your inventory while at their fulfillment centers.

We always wait 30+ days to make sure Amazon can reconcile your inventory first, and only submit a claim manually once Amazon has failed to reimburse you.

  • Lost
  • Damaged
  • Destroyed
  • Historical Reconciliation & more...
Add-on with FBA Fee Protector

Orders with incorrect FBA fees

We'll help make sure Amazon has the correct dimensions and weights recorded for each SKU, so that you don't get overcharged on fulfillment fees with every order.

Add the Fee Protector subscription to make sure Amazon never overcharges you again, and get reimbursed for past overcharges.

  • True Dimensions
  • Fix FBA Fees
  • Past Overcharges
  • Daily Monitoring

Mishandled Refunds & Returns

We'll make sure all Amazon properly reimburses you for incorrectly handled refunds and returns. Some of the claims we explore include:

  • Amazon-initiated Refunds
  • Missing customer return
  • Incorrect refund value
  • Incorrect item returned
Coming Soon

Incorrect FBA Removals

Sometimes, Amazon can send you the wrong item in your removal order, or it's clear that the customer has abused the Amazon Returns Policy. We make it easy for your team to get reimbursed for Amazon's mistakes.

  • Damaged Returns
  • Return policy abuse
  • Missing accessories

Our Services

Reimbursement Recovery
Everyday, a dedicated case manager will monitor your Amazon storefront data for missed reimbursements, and open up claims with Amazon on your behalf.
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FBA Fee Protector
We compare your SKU measurements against Amazon’s FBA fee report everyday. When fees appear incorrect, your case manager will open a request with Amazon to fix those measurements.
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With custom research done by our Case Managers, Comprehensive Reimbursement Recovery customers usually get back more reimbursements than Self-Service Reimbursement customers.

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"Compared to the other reimbursement services I've used, DimeTydSellers is far superior... The onboarding process was simple and straightforward, the dashboard is user friendly, pending and successful claims are clear and easy to see, and my questions were answered quickly..."
Kevin (The Office Oasis)
$9 Mil + Revenue Per Year
"Signed up around 18 months ago and money just shows up every pay period. Highly recommend - and 100% within Amazon's TOS given the fact it's managed by actual human beings."
$500K + Revenue Per Year
$3Mil+ Revenue Per Year
“We've been working with DimeTydSellersfor about one year now and we are very happy with the service. We appreciate that DimeTydSellers has helped us recover tens of thousands of dollars that were 'lost' in the Amazon system.”
“The DimeTydSellers team does a great job of identifying and taking care of our tickets. I love that I can just leave it to them and its done. We've saved a ton of money over the course of the year.”
$40Mil+ Revenue Per Year
“DimeTydSellers does all the work, refunds show up in your Amazon account and SB's share is automatically charged to your credit card. I couldn't ask for a better service. Great job, guys!”
$2Mil+ Revenue Per Year

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