fba fee protecTOR • Add on service

Never get incorrectly charged for FBA fees again.

Our Case Managers monitor your fees everyday and work with Amazon to correct measurements & request reimbursement for past overcharges.


How it works

1. Confirm your true measurements

We use your dimensions and weights to determine what the correct fulfillment fee should be.

2. Incorrect fees proactively appealed

We compare your measurements against Amazon’s FBA fee reports. If there’s a discrepancy, your case manager will request Amazon to fix it!

3. Constant updates with frequent reports

We’ll keep you updated on cases your manager opened on your behalf plus any cases that might need your attention.

We'll do the hard work.

Focus on growing your FBA business while we take care of the rest.

Our dedicated Case Managers will monitor your account for incorrect fees and proactively reach out to Amazon as they happen. You can count on us to be your advocate with updated reports given to you directly.

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FBA Fee Protector

Add-On Service
Upload your true product dimensions to flag any overcharges. We’ll help you flag when Amazon has incorrectly measured your item and overcharges you on fulfillment fees.
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